Tiny Worlds

Have you ever seen a picture like this?

From tinyworldtours.com

Colloquially it's known as a tiny world, and some guy I saw on Reddit said the technical term is an "inverse stereographic projection." Some quick google-fu yields that a stereographic projection is the mapping of a sphere onto a plane, so my guess is that the inverse is the mapping of plane onto a sphere. Which would make sense, as tiny world images are generated by applying some mathematical magic on panoramas (via Photoshop).

After seeing a couple of these on the internet, I wanted to try my hand and found this guide. For the lazy, I'll reiterate the steps here (for Photoshop):

  1. Image Size > Uncheck Scale Styles and Constrain Proportions
  2. Make the image a square
  3. Flip image vertically
  4. Filters>Distort>Polar Coordinates

Bam! Super easy. Sometimes you have to mirror the image on one of its sides so that the resulting tiny world lines up (the link above shows example mistakes).

Anywho, time for the real reason I made this post: a lazy excuse to showcase the (cool I hope) tiny worlds I made!

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